Consultancy with a Mission

Our mission is to teach people in organisations (both managers and staff) to look more mindfully at what is necessary in the current situation and act accordingly. By learning to organise flexibly, communicate actively and to remain blame free, undesirable or unexpected occurrences can be better managed, which will improve the performance of the organisation tremendously.
Apollo 13 focuses on the improvement of the performance of organisations and chains in the public as well as private domain. The improvement of performance has multiple entryways. This means that sometimes we focus on behaviour, learning and interaction, sometimes on organisational contexts and sometimes on management processes, dependent on your demand. Distinctive is that we always focus on behaviour; that we continue to question, reveal assumptions and have you look at the situation you are in from different angles.

Apollo13 advises organisations, teams, managers, chains and networks in the public and private domain to improve efficiency and performance. Needless to say, mindful interaction and thinking is the common thread in our way of looking, working and advising. We gladly offer advice for your organisational problems, at both the individual and team levels.